Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully the following Terms & Conditions.
1. At least 24 hrs notice is requested for cancellations so that the appointment can be offered to someone else otherwise a late cancellation fee of £10 will be added to the next appointment.

2. A 50% Deposit imay be required from new clients to secure their first boking with us. This is payable via bank transfer or Paypal at the time of booking.

3. Payment must be made before the end of the grooming appointment. If making an electronic payment, confirmation of the transaction must be shown before the end of the grooming session.

4. Wagging Tails operates a 15 minute no-show policy. In such cases an alternative date and time will be arranged. If an appointment is missed 100% of the price of the groom MUST BE PAID BEFORE ANY MORE BOOKINGS ARE MADE.

5. Grooming fees are assessed on an individual basis and will fall within a set price range for a specific breed/cross breed. Individual prices are dependent on coat condition, temperament and time required to complete the groom

6. Matted Coats – All reasonable efforts will be made to save a matted coat. However a maximum of 15 minutes will be spent attempting to de-mat a coat. If longer is required, the owner will be advised that in the dogs best interests the coat should be clipped off below the length of the matting. The process of clipping off a matted coat can reveal unknown health problems or aggravate existing ones. Wagging Tails Professional Dog Grooming will not be held responsible for any skin irritation caused by the removal of a matted or neglected coat.

7. Matted Ears – When heavy matting is removed from a dogs ears they can feel very different due to the change in weight and return of normal blood flow to the skin. A ‘Happy Hoodie’ will be used during the grooming session to reduce the impact of any head shaking and the owner will be informed. Wagging Tails Professional Dog Grooming will not be held responsible should a haematoma develop following the removal of a matted or neglected coat from a dogs ears.

8. Young/anxious/elderly dogs – A full groom in one session can be overwhelming for some dogs, especially those who are not used to the process, are anxious or are elderly/infirm. In the event that more than one session may be required to complete a groom this will be discussed with the owner.

9. Use of Muzzles – If a pet bites or attempts to bite a muzzle may be used to ensure the safety of the groomer. A muzzle will never be left on un-necessarily. If a muzzle is required the owner will be informed.

10. Wagging Tails Professional Dog Grooming reserves to right to refuse to groom a dog/dogs if it is deemed unsafe for either the groomer or the dog(s) in question.

11. Data Protection – Contact details including phone numbers, email addresses etc will only be used by Wagging Tails to contact you about your dogs groom. Wagging Tails will never pass on any clients personal information to 3rd parties without the clients prior knowledge and consent. Please see our Privacy Policy.

12. Social Media – ‘Before’ and ‘after’ photographs are always taken as a record of your dogs groom. Selected photos are often placed on the Wagging Tails Facebook page. If you would prefer your dogs photos not to be published please let me know.