What do we Do?

Wagging Tails Dog Grooming is based within Perth Pet Care Doggy Day Care. 

I run a personalised, one-to-one dog grooming service where your dog can be groomed in a calm, stress-free salon environment. 

Your dog receives individual attention throughout, helping them to be calm and relaxed. I can tailor the groom to your requirements and offer services for all breeds, sizes and ages.  

Whatever your dog grooming needs, Wagging Tails is at your service. 

Services Provided By Wagging Tails

Nail clipping

Mid-Groom bath and brush out

De-shedding treatments

Doggy Spa treatments 

Tellington TTouch

Hand Stripping

Full groom and style

Grooming advice to owners


Puppy Introductions

Gradually introducing a puppy to professional grooming is important because it allows them to become used to the process at their own speed. There are several new sounds, smells, sensations that, if experienced all at once, can be overwhelming and put your pup off being groomed for the rest of their lives. 

For example, expecting a 9 month old puppy with a woolly coat, who has never been to a groomers before, to cope with a full groom (clipping, bathing, drying, nails, face trim etc) is unrealistic and can cause them extreme stress and fear.  

Wagging Tails offers free puppy introduction sessions up to the age of 20 weeks. Initial visits are usually for 10-15 minutes where your puppy can visit the salon, have a play and some treats, have a sniff around and get to know the place. We would then move on to things like being handled, being up on the grooming table, being brushed, having nails clipped. 

Progress is very much dictated by your puppys reaction to each stage. Please get in touch to make an appointment or to discuss your puppys grooming needs. 


 "Emily grooms my Westie who is blind and needs careful handling. She is brilliant with him and I highly recommend her"

"Hi Emily, Your service was amazing, Thanks"

"....looks and smells fantastic! You've worked wonders! Thank you!"

"Highly recommend Emily , was the best ever cut Poppy has had"

"Hi Emily, thanks for Snowy's new haircut. You've done a brill job. His face is the best cut he's ever had and he smells fab"

"Can't thank Emily enough for her patience, kindness and care of my dogs"

"Very happy with my 2 Cocker spaniels makeover!!! They look wonderful and Emily couldn't have been any kinder 2 both!! High standards, will certainly be recommending!!!"

"Thank you so much Emily. My 2 boys look and smell fabulous. Would definitely recommend this lady. She knows her stuff"

"Great service, great prices and cares about the dogs which makes a huge difference"

"Great service, Benji always looks great after a wee visit from Emily! Very reasonably priced too & she has a great way with him. Highly recommend!"