Tail Waggers Gallery

“Everyone thinks they have the best dog. And none of them are wrong”

W.R Purche

This is a page dedicated to you and your canine best friends. I love getting to spend time with your dogs in the salon but what I dont get to enjoy is what they are like at home – relaxing, being goofy, playing!

So, this page is for you to share your favourite photos of your dogs doing what they do best. Show off their personality, tell us what it is that makes your dog one in a million!

Email your photo(s) and a wee caption about them to info@waggingtailsgrooming.co.uk and we will share them here.

(*Note* – please make sure your photos are only of your dog(s). If there are any other people in the picture please ask their permission before sending it to us.)

Whisky – He is full of Westitude. He likes his comfort, sun and snacks and will invite himself into the neighbours house on a treat raid! Most of all he loves to snuggle and even “boofs” his mum off her beanbag!