How To…

Here you will find links to the Wagging Tails You Tube channel where there are videos illustrating useful, at-home dog grooming tips and techniques. Whether you are a Wagging Tails client or not, I hope these videos will be a really good tool to help you care for your dogs coat in between professional grooms.

General Brushing and Combing

This video shows a wool-mix coat after bathing. Lots of little knots have formed at the base of the coat, next to the skin. Given time, these would join up to form more solid mats that would definitely need clipped off. At the stage shown in the video though, they can still be brushed out without causing discomfort to the dog.

You can watch the video by clicking here

Bathing a short coat using a Curry Comb

Help stop your short coated dog from shedding all over your house. This short video shows Baxter the Beagle having his bath and a massage with a rubber curry comb to help loosen and remove dead and shedding coat. You can make small ciruclar movements or move the comb over the coat in the direction of growth. The rubber teeth on the comb help to grab onto the loose coat which, when rinsed clean, come away cleanly leaving a smooth finish. You can buy a rubber comb through the Wagging Tails store by clicking here

You can watch the video by clicking here