Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost?

Prices for a specific breed will fall within a certain range and will vary depending on coat type and condition, behaviour, time taken for the groom and any additional optional treatments such as TTouch Massage, Blueberry Facial or Vanilla Paw treatments.

Additional charges may be applied for removal of a heavily soiled or matted coat or aggressive behaviour.

If you book your dog onto a regular grooming schedule the cost per groom is reduced. 

When should i bring my puppy for their first groom?

Taking on a puppy is exciting but comes with responsibilities. A pup should be introduced to professional grooming at as early an age as possible. Once they have had the full set of initial vaccinations they can come to the salon for a Puppy Introduction. These are free up to the age of 20 weeks to help your new puppy adjust and get used to the smells, sounds and sensations of a professional groom. 

It is important to distinguish between "grooming" and "clipping". A puppy can come to a groomers for a bath and dry, to have their nails trimmed, to have their eyes tidied etc. So for example, when someone says not to have your puppy "groomed" until 9 months old, what they often mean is not to have them "clipped" until 9 months old. 

are you just going to shave my dog?

No. I will do my best to groom your dog to your preferred length and style and all reasonable attempts will be made to save a matted coat. However when it is in the best welfare interests of a dog to have their coat clipped off below the level of matting then this will be discussed with the owner. 

Wagging Tails promotes a "humanity before vanity" approach and will not put a dog through a stressful or painful de-matting procedure to please an owner. 

Advice can be given about caring for your dogs coat between grooms and the best brushes/combs to use. 

Do you cut nails?

Yes, a nail trim is included in the price of a full groom. You can also make an appointment to come in just o have your dogs nails checked and trimmed if required. 

Do you pluck hair from the dogs ears?

Not routinely. The latest veterinary advice issued to groomers is not to remove any hair from inside the ear canal. This is due to the fact that as groomers, we cannot see down into the canal and therefore cannot know if here may be e.g. an underlying infection. If you are worried about your dogs ears, if they are smelly or have a dark coloured waxy residue the best thing is to have them checked by a vet. 

How often should i get my dog groomed?

This very much depends on you and your dog. If you have a woolly coated dog (e.g. a poodle mix) who loves to be out running in the mud and forests I would advise a shorter length and more frequent trips to a groomer (every 6-8 weeks). Other things like whether or not your dog likes being brushed at home, if they are elderly, if they are in "full coat" can influence how often you should have them visit a groomer. I am happy to discuss your dogs individual needs with you.