Happy Winter Solstice

Today is the shortest day of 2021. From here on, the light will start to return. Whatever your beliefs may be or however you mark this time of year, I wish you all peace, health and prosperity in 2022.

Our Memory tree

It has been super busy the past few weeks! The run up to Christmas is always a bit crazy for dog groomers so I apologise for the quietness on the blog and website front. I wanted to tell you about our new Memory Tree. One thing that never gets easier is when a client gets … Continue reading Our Memory tree

Time to Breathe

Some of you know about Betty, my wee microcamper. She is my cute little personal space that I can take anywhere I go. It has been a dream of mine for a long time to have a campervan. And while I would absolutely adore a bigger van, wee Betty is perfect for our adventures just … Continue reading Time to Breathe

Never Stop Learning

Today was a bit different for a Saturday. Today I was at Pampered Pets grooming salon in Greenock for a pet first aid training day. Just like human first aid certificates, pet certificates need to be updated and refreshed every few years. Guidance changes, techniques and procedures can change and we can end up just … Continue reading Never Stop Learning