Meet the team


"The senior Management"

Hamish and Islay are my two little Westies who are often mooching around looking for any treats or cuddles coming their way. Hamish, who I adopted from Birmingham Dogs Home, is an older boy with some ongoing health issues. Islay is my baby, nearly 9 yrs old now, who is not really a "morning dog" and likes to snooze in her bed when she is at the salon. 


"the workforce" (me!)

I originally trained as a Geologist and completed my PhD in 2006. I wasn't until I was living in Perthshire and started grooming my own dogs that I fell in love with grooming and the positive impact it can have on a dogs welfare and happiness. I started Wagging Tails in 2015 after training at the Ayrshire Academy of Canine Beauticians. Grooming to me is, and always will be, about promoting the welfare of dogs through a healthy skin and coat.