One Year On – Remembering Hamish

Its been one year since I lost Hamish. He was such a character. His official job title at work was Hamish McFlatcap, Westies Unite Union Representative. He took his treat distribution and quality control duties very seriously. It doesnt feel like a year, and yet somehow it seems longer than that.

So much has happened. This time last year we were in lockdown. And although Covid isnt away yet, we are so much freer than we were back then. We have started going away in our wee microcamper and having adventures up north. Two more wee dogs have come to join Islay and I – Dora and Ozzy. Wagging Tails has an online shop up and running – something I thought I would never be able to do.

My tribute to Hamish is the Ask Hamish pet services directory website which was officially launched on the anniversary of his passing. During the time he was unwell, both he and Islay basically came everywhere with me. I always wanted to know if where we were going was pet friendly so that they didnt need to be left behind. He had lung disease that would result in severe coughing and wretching which in turn could trigger seizures. I was terrified that if I left him, he would have a coughing fit, take a seizure and there would be no-one there to help him. I couldnt bare the thought of him passing away without me there to comfort him.

Hamish was my first rescue dog and he taught me so much. He loved meeting up with his wee group of doggy friends; he loved to zoom around and then when he couldnt zoom anymore or walk very far he loved to get out and about in his buggy; he never gave up. He found the joy in whatever he was doing. When he became deaf and partially blind we would hide treats and he would have a great time sniffing them out. He certainly never forgot his love of shredding up peices of paper or cardboard and I cant even remember how many pairs of leather shoes he destroyed!!

I am so glad that that cheeky, thrawn, loving, couthy, sometimes crabbit wee man came into our lives for 8 years. He will always be a part of everyhting we do xx

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One thought on “One Year On – Remembering Hamish

  1. Awww that’s beautiful Emily. Hamish was lucky to have found you ❤️