Our Memory tree

It has been super busy the past few weeks! The run up to Christmas is always a bit crazy for dog groomers so I apologise for the quietness on the blog and website front.

I wanted to tell you about our new Memory Tree. One thing that never gets easier is when a client gets in touch to tell you their dog has passed away. It is even more difficult when that dog is young and has been so healthy up until recently. So, myself and the staff at the doggy daycare where my salon is based wanted to do something to honour all those pups we have known over the years who are no longer with us.

The image of the Tree of Life sprung to mind immediately. It was also important to represent the Rainbow Bridge, where they go to wait for us. Initially I looked at getting a graphic designer to help me with the design but I gave it a go myself and am actually really pleased with the outcome.

It is displayed on the wall in reception where everyone who comes in can see it. Each dog has their photo and name placed on a branch of the Memory Tree so that they will always be remembered. They are all part of our wee furry family.