Always remember the “why”

When you do something often enough it becomes routine. If something becomes easy you can become complacent. I am sure most people can relate to that in some way. So when you have an established client base and are in the enviable position of knowing what to expect when each dog comes in, it can throw you off a bit when a new dog doesnt exactly follow the party line.

Picture the scenario; you are back at your first interview or audition for your first ever job doing something you always wanted to do. You are are nervous and excited – this is your big chance.

The interviewer askes “So, why do you want to do this?”.

What would you say? What is the reason you always wanted to do that particular job or be that particular person? Forget all about career progression, or an excellent pension scheme, or company car or any of that other stuff. Why did you want to become an architect? A nurse? A chef? A singer? Or whatever it was. Probably something along the lines of “I want to design beautiful buildings”. “I want to care for people”. “I want to cook delicious food for people to enjoy”. ” I want to entertain people and make them feel good”. Or just simply “for the love of doing it”.

So often we get bogged down in day to day stuff that its easy to forget why we started along a certain path in the first place. Meetings, emails, reports, motorways, phonecalls, diaries, schedules, traffic – it all just gets in the way.

Sometimes, a dog comes into the salon that takes me back to the reason why I gave up a secure career to become a self employed dog groomer. A dog that needs me to step back, take a minute and ask “why am i doing this?” Its not for the perfect groom, its not for the instagram photo, its not even about me.

“I want to help these dogs”

As naive and simple as that might sound, that’s basically it – the welfare of the dogs who come to see me.

So on those days when it feels like nothing is going to plan; when I feel like all I do is clean up poo and every dog is out to test my patience to the absolute limit; I have dropped my favourite scissors, I am tired, my coffee has gone cold and is full of fur…the best thing to do is sit down on the floor, take 5 minutes, have a cuddle and remember the “why”.