Always keep an emergency pair of shoes!

So, there have been many times that my shoes and feet have got soaked at work. Whether that be from an over-enthusiastic shake from a dog in the bath, or them refusing to keep their wet ears inside the bath so they drip water all over my feet, or walking my own dogs on the grass outside in the rain.

And many a time I have popped my shoes in the tumble dryer to dry them off. Spending all day with cold, wet feet is not ideal in any situation.

However today, i might have left them in a wee bit too long and heated them to the point of becoming, bent, rigid and……basically almost melted. So I had to grab the only other shoes I had which were my bright yellow plastic sandals that I keep in my wee microcamper!!

Moral of the story…..if you don’t want to end up rocking your yellow sandals and socks look at work, keep a spare pair of emergency shoes handy. Always.

It’s all about the glamour!