Change is Good. Dogs are Awesome

You might have noticed that there have been some changes to the Wagging Tails Website lately. I am actually really excited about this because, in the spirit of full disclosure, the website is something I have neglected in the past, putting most of my focus on the Facebook and Instagram pages.

Dont get me wrong, these are a staple of running a small business and are where most of my content goes and is seen. But it has long been a part of my plan to build an online resource for anyone to go to to learn, interact, shop and be part of a community.

We now have this blog where I want to share a bit of what goes on in the world of a dog groomer. I will be also be sharing “How to…” videos via our You Tube channel to help you care for your dog between grooms. We have an online shop where you can pick up some gorgeous shampoo, or a new brush for your dog. We even have our exclusive “Peace Love & Dogs” range that is being developed. And our latest addition, the Owners Gallery. A place for you to share photos of your doggies and tell everyone what makes them the best dog in the world!

In essence, dog grooming is about celebrating dogs; their health, wellbeing, history and tradition, their personalities and their invaluable role in our daily lives. Where would we be without our dogs? In my case, I would be in a much darker world.

So lets celebrate our dogs! Large, small, floofy, not floofy, 4 legged, 3 legged, old, young, crazy, cute, grumpy, wise, derpy, speedy, not speedy! Every one of them is the best!