Behind Closed Doors…

One of the things I want to achieve by doing this blog is to shed some light on what life is really like in a grooming salon. Quite often, grooming areas are not visible to clients from the reception area and this can lead to some people thinking that groomers dont want people seeing what they are doing.

This is not the case at all.

More often than not, the less visual distractions a dog has while being groomed means they will be calmer and therefore safer. Trying to safely use clippers and (very sharp) scissors on a dog who is trying to jump around and speak to every person or dog they see is quite frankly, terrifying!

So, a calm, quiet environment where the groomer can concentrate and the dog can be kept safe is ideal.

Another question we often get asked as groomers is if an owner can stay in the salon while their dog is being groomed.  We completely understand that it is never easy to hand your doggo over to someone else and them disappear behind a door. This can be especially difficult if the dog is crying and upset at being separated from their owner.

Groomers see this every day and will spend time allowing the dog to settle with treats, cuddles, a ball – whatever it is that redirects the dogs energy in a positive way. A calm and focused groomer makes for a calm and settled dog. An owner who is anxious on behalf of their dog, whether it be because the dog is young, elderly, reactive or because they have a mis-trust of groomers, will often transmit that nervous energy onto the dog making the whole process more stressful for everyone involved.

That being said, there are of course times when an owners presence is good and actually necessary! For example, dogs who have certain medical conditions or mobility issues can really benefit from having their person with them.

Pre-Covid it was usual for owners to ask to come in and see round the salon to get an idea of where their dog was going but thats not really an option at the moment. So, with all this in mind I wanted to give you a wee tour of our grooming salon.