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Professional quality & ethical products

In a market where there is so much choice, it can be difficult to find grooming products for your pet that you can trust.

So often we end up with half used bottles of shampoo or a drawer full of brushes that dont seem to work for our dogs coat.

As a professional dog groomer I often have conversations with owners about what grooming tools are best for their dogs needs.

The products I have curated here are ones that I use in my salon on a regular basis so I know they give good results.

The shampoos and grooming sprays I use are all vegan and cruelty-free. The shampoos can be diluted up to 1:32 so are excellent value for money.

Ask Hamish – Pet Services Directory

In memory of my westie Hamish, who was always busy and into everything, I have developed a list of pet services local to Perth & Tayside called “Ask Hamish”. If you are in the Tayside area and are looking for a specific service, whether that be a canine massage therapist, a pet portrait artist or mobile livery hopefully you will find someone who can help.

Blog – Diary of a Dog Groomer

Dog grooming is one of those industries that most people know about but dont know what really goes on behind the scenes. Sometimes yes it is about playing with puppies all day but there is so much more to being a professional dog groomer. You can follow my blog for my caffeine-fueled day to day ramblings about whats going on in the salon.

Dog Grooming

I have been a professional dog groomer since 2015 and I love what I do for a living. I am passionate about the welfare of my clients dogs and take great pride in keeping their skin and coat healthy. I currently have limited availability to take on new clients at the moment but am always happy to discuss any issues or concerns you might have about your dogs coat care.

I hope you will find what you are looking for here but if not, or you would like more information on any of the products listed, just email info@waggingtailsgrooming.co.uk and I will do my best to help.

Emily x